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THE SALM, SHOT-FAKE EM' OUT BEAD GAME. Jerk is the all-in, all-out silly bead on a string game of psych-out. The party will be roaring with laughter when players try to escape the megaphone each round and JERK their bead to safety. All players start each round with their bead in the center ring. To avoid capture, JERK your bead to safety when a 7, 11 or doubles is rolled by the Slammer, (the player trying to trap you). For every successful bead escape players receive a token from the Slammer. But be weary of the Fake-Out. The Slammer can yell, scream and shout out false numbers to confuse players. If you pull away by mistake YOU pay the Slammer. Winner takes all in the frantic game of reflexes.