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What's our view on Playtime?

Playtime is more than just toy time. It can be an enjoyable activity that involves people, objects or movement. Everything from coloring, blowing bubbles at each other, reading (especially with our Shine-A-Light books) and a game of tag around the yard qualifies. How many of your kids have spent an hour, or more, with a cardboard box and crayons? I think you get the picture of how wide the parameters of play are.
We think you really should get down on the floor with kids. You, the parent, are the ultimate plaything and any activity will seem more fun if you share it with your kids. Toys aid in that time, but it more important that its you playing.

All kids, at different ages, have different thresholds for stimulation and how much they can take at any given time. If your child seems to be bored with a particular activity or toy, let them take a break. Don't feel upset or discouraged about your choice of activity. It's also important that you let the child have some time to themselves to play alone, it doesn't always have to be group play. Both types of play offer benefits.

We offer multiple open demos and products on display in our store so that your children can choose their own activity or toy. This lets them control the direction of his or her play. As a parent, you can certainly suggest new things or show them options, but ultimately, they are the boss at this stage. It's all about play to them, and play is a good time. The one (and sometimes the only) thing a kid is an expert at already, is having a good time.