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$3m for Fortnite? What do we think?

Kyle Giersdorf, the 16-year-old of Pennsylvania who just became a millionaire playing a video game, reminds us here at Lollipop Station of the rapid growth of the eSports industry and just how much attention video games have gained in the last decade from big name sponsors.

With a business like ours, we are actively monitoring the entire toy and game industry to be sure we're offering the best products and education to our customers. While, of course, we focus on traditional board and card games in our store - it is still inspiring to watch our younger generations adapt to the interactive world that frankly is there "new normal." We routinely get questions from parents and shoppers regarding "alternatives to battery operated or video games". While we appreciate all games, we do try to do our best to stay in touch with what is popular and what is a "best game choice" for your children and needs.

Video games and traditional games, like Scrabble or Uno, can both offer opportunities to grow cognitive skills, become better team players and develop strategic thinking. We believe in the products we sell, but still encourage parents to not limit their children from video games all together. Its all about a balance. Frankly, video games can be a great way for parents (who often times also children of the video game eras) to connect with their kids in different ways. 

What we recommend, honestly, find a good card game the whole family can play... make that a tradition once a week. Find a board game, do the same. Video games? You got it-- same thing! Make the games a part of family time. If you think your kids are spending too much time playing video games, try JOINING them and you may find you have more persuasion with them when you suggest pulling out the box of Scrabble next time!

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