Party Times:

Friday- 5pm

​Saturday- 11:30am*, 2pm, or 4:30pm

Sunday- 2pm

*Saturday 11:30am parties begin with our weekly storytime


Reserving the Party:

A $100 non-refundable deposit & reservation agreement form is required at the time of booking. The final cost of your party will be about $225 depending on additional costs.

You can come in the store to reserve in person or reserve over the phone at (540) 812-2103. Party slots fill up quickly & are given on a first come first served basis.

We throw the best parties in town! Here's the details:

Frozen ($25 extra character charge)*

Rock Painting




PJ Slumber Party

Star Wars*

Ninja Turtles

Paw Patrol

Mickey and Minnie mouse

Fairy Princess*

Spa Day

Yucky Gross

Mad Scientist

Thomas and Friends


Alice in Wonderland*

Pick your Superhero:





Pick your princess*:



-Snow white



-Sofia the First

-(more than one character requires $25 extra character charge)

Additional Costs:

-If you have more than 8 children attend, you will be charged $10 per additional child. You are allowed up to 17 children.

-Choosing to order an extra pizza will be $10 per pizza.

-If you choose to do additional crafts you will be charged per craft.

​-Having more than one character will be $25 per character. (FROZEN parties are automatically charged at $250.)

-Requesting goodie bags will be $6 per child.

If you have any more questions or are ready to book, give us a call at (540) 812-2103.

We are here to HELP!


Themes:   *character included

Included in $225:

-All cups, napkins, plastic utensils,      decorations, & helium balloons


-Tattoo for every child

-Craft/project that each child will       complete & take home to keep

-A slice of cheese pizza for every       child

-Drinks for every child

-Freshly spun cotton candy at the end of the party

-All set up & clean up 

-One party leader and creativity assistant​


Sugar Scrub Sundae

Make Your Own Lip Gloss

Make Your Own Lotion

Make Your Own Bug Bath Gel

Paint a Canvas

Decorate Your Own:



-race car

-piggy bank

-pirate or princess chest

-pillowcase (available for PJ party only)

​​Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I tip the birthday party attendants?

It's not required but it is highly encouraged.  Our attendants work extremely hard to provide you with a "white glove" experience where we do it all.  Additionally, when you have your birthday party here you are paying for this cost as a service and therefore do not pay sales tax.

What is a Birthday Bucket?

A Birthday Bucket is essentially a gift registry in a bucket.  The child comes in and picks out several toys that they would like to have for their birthday and we set them behind the register on our shelf in a clear bucket with their name on it.  All purchases you or your guests make for the birthday child will receive a 10% discount.  Its a great thing to do before your party because many times, people have no idea what to buy your child.  Its better to save them money, time, frustration, and have your child get something they want than something you didn't want them to have.  Plus we can package it for them for the party for FREE.  

Do I have to have a birthday party at Lollipop Station in order for my child to create a birthday bucket?  

No and you will still get 10% off all purchases made from the bucket.

Can I bring in my own decorations?  

Yes but we ask that you don't put holes in or tape on our walls.

Is my deposit refundable?  

No, but if your child is sick or there are special circumstances that arise we will gladly reschedule your party for you with an available date.   

May I bring additional food and drinks?  

No.  Our focus is toys and fun, when extra food or drink is involved for the ​adults or children the party goes longer than 2 hours.  Children become cranky and we don't have enough time to clean up and prepare for the next party.  Trust us, the birthday party children will have plenty to eat with what we provide in addition to the cake or cupcakes that you bring.  You may however order additional pizza through us on the day of your party.