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The Gallery at Lollipop Station

What is The Gallery at Lollipop Station?

Welcome to The Gallery! The Gallery is a storefront adjacent to Lollipop Station. The Gallery is where children of any age and artistic ability can proudly display their work or art. We primarily take in group exhibits from schools (public & private), clubs, churches, organizations, home-school groups, and individual children. We also offer art classes, craft workshops, voice lessons, beginning acting classes, Mommy & Me times, and so much more. Check out our current offerings under our Classes tab.

What type of art do you accept?
All types but nothing scary please. Paintings, pencil drawings, pottery, mosaics, things your 3 year old hung on the refrigerator, and just about anything else a “child” 18 years old and younger created with their mind and hands (or feet!).

Who can submit a piece of art?
Any parent, grandparent, teacher, or otherwise on behalf of the child or the child themselves.

What does it cost to have my child’s art work put on display in The Gallery at Lollipop Station?

Nothing. Art is a wonderful thing. Everyone is an artist. Your art brings beauty and meaning to our beautiful downtown area.

How long will my art be on display?
2 weeks unless either artist and Gallery manager agrees to a different length of time.

How is the art submitted?
Please send a brief email to and put ART in the subject line. Please send in a description of the piece you would like to submit, age of the child, and your contact information. We will not attach the child’s name to the piece of artwork once in the gallery unless authorized to do so.

Can I have my art featured in the front window?
Art placed in the FRONT window is dependent upon the waitlist and fit with any particular current theme. For example, if it is Memorial Day Weekend, we will seek to have patriotic type pieces of artwork on display. If it is art created by the child of a current or former service member – EVEN BETTER! We are always looking for unique stories to go with our art. :-)

We encourage groups, schools, and organizations to contact the gallery so that their group’s work can adorn our walls and displays. Maybe you are a public school, private school, part of a home school group, club, or civic group – we want to help you shine and showcase your talent or bring awareness to your cause.

How will I get my artwork back?
You will need to mail or drop off the art in our gallery. Pick up MUST BE IN PERSON as The Gallery at Lollipop Station will no be able to ship it back to you.

Gavin 5th grade 2nd piece

Gavin 5th grade

Gianna 3rd grade 2nd piece

Gianna 3rd grade

Hope 9th grade 2nd piece

Hope 9th grade

art 4

September 2014